Born in 1967 in Udine, lives in Florence. His work develops the idea of substituting the written word with images that is typical of much of the art of non-literate societies of the past. The images are those of a world reduced to its essence, where every element has a function and very little is added to what is needed for the core meaning to be delivered, with a style that is inspired by Early Renaissance art in its clarity of intent: rather than imitating nature in its appearance, there is a reach for the philosophical structure underlying life and relations. The environment and the characters that live within it are the quintessence of ease, peace and self-containment. The figures are gods in their daily Olympus. It is an ideal world that recalls common gestures, a step away from the flow of time and in the same moment, part of contemporary life. The drama, or the lack thereof, is played out in simplified, almost abstract spaces, geometric backgrounds in which self-aware characters inhabit bourgeois interiors or a minimalist wilderness.